• Min.Order Quantity: 100 Meter/Meters
  • Supply Ability: 500 Kilometer/Kilometers per Month
  • Port: Chang sha or Custom's request
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

Model Number: YJV22
Type: Insulated, super high voltage
Application: Construction
Conductor Material: Copper
Conductor Type: Solid
Insulation Material: PVC

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Wooden, Steel-Wooden Drums or according to customers' request
Delivery Time:according to cusotmers' request, usually 2~4 weeks

1.Well-sold xlpe insulated armourd power cables in Africa,Asia market.
2.Bear high positive pressure.
We can supply various armoured cable with competitive price according to IEC, ASTM, DIN, BS standards.
armoured cable ------- steel tape armoured cable or steel wire armoured cable

0.6/1KV PVC Insulated PVC sheathed flame retardant and non-flame retardant power cable.

1. Product Performance:
(1).The long-time permissible operation temperture of conductor shall not be higher than 70oC.
(2).Conductor maximum short circuit(not more than 5 seconds)temperature shall not be higher than 160 oC.
(3).The power cable is not limited by drop in level when being laid,and the ambient temperature shall not be lower than 0 oC.
(4).Perfect chemical stability,resistant against acids,alkalis,grease and organic solvents,and flame.
(5).Light weight, perfect bending properties, installed and maintained easily and conveniently.
Voltage rating:0.6/1kV.
Conductors:copper or aluminum.
Numberof cable cores: one core(Single core), two cores(Double cores), threecores, four cores( Four Equal-section-area cores or threeequal-section-area cores and one smaller section area neutralcore), five cores(Five equal-area cores or three equal-section-areacores and two smaller section area neutral cores). We provide armouredtrpe and non-armored type for the power cables above.
Our companyhas been carrying out Chinese national standard GB 12706 and GB12666.6( equivalent to IEC 60502 and IEC 60331) for PVC insulated powercable and fire resistant cable needed by domestic customer, and forforeign customers we can manufacture in accordance with BS, DIN andother countries, standards. In addition,we can design and manufacture PVCinsulated power cable with special characteristics according to needsof customers.

2. Technical Requirements

Cu CoreAL CoreDescription
VV ZR-VVVLV ZR-VLVCu(Al)Core PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Power Cable Cu(Al)Core PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Fire Resistant Cable
VY ZR-VYVLY ZR-VLYCu(Al)Core PVC Insulated PE Sheathed Power Cable Cu(Al)Core PVC Insulated PE Sheathed Fire Resistant Cable
VV32 ZR-VV32VLV32 ZR-VLV32Cu(Al)Core PVC Insulated Fire Steel Wire Armored PVC Sheathed Power Cable Cu(Al)Core PVC Insulated Fire Steel Wire Armored PVC Sheathed Fire Resistant Cable