Copper Core PVC Insulation PVC Sheath Flame Retardant Electric Wire

Model Number: ZR-BV,ZR-BVR
Type: Insulated
Application: housing funiture
Conductor Material: Copper
Conductor Type: Solid
Insulation Material: PVC
Colour: Red,green ,yellow

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Packed in drums,cases or according to your requirement.
Delivery Detail:Usually within 5-15 working days after receiving the deposit

The product is applied to AC rated voltage 450/750V and below power plant laid(fixed)wiring. It's widely used in low voltage power lines,normal electrical equipment, instrumentation and telecommunication equipments.

Technical  data
Rated voltage: 0.6/1KV
Highest working temperature of conductor: 90°C
Laying temperature:above 0°C
Minimum bending radius:6D

Product description

TypeDescriptionRated Voltage
602271EC01(BV)General purpose single-core hard conductor non-sheath cable450/720V
602271EC05(BV)Internal wifing conductor temperature 70oC single-core solid conductor non-sheath calbe300/500V
6002271EC07(BV-90)Internal wifing conductor temperature 90oC single-core solid conductor non-sheath calbe300/500V
600271EC10(BVV)Light-type PVC sheath cable300/500V
BLVAluminum core PVC insulation cable450/750V
BVRCopper core PVC insulation flexible cable450/750V
BLVVAluminum core PVC insulation PVC sheath round cable300/500V
BVVBCopper core PVC insulation PVC sheath flat cable300/500V
BLVVBAluminum core PVC insulation PVC sheath flat cable300/500V
602271EC02(RV)General purpose single-core flexible conductor non-sheath cable450/750V
602271EC06(RV)internal wiring conductor temperature 70oC flexible conductor non-sheath cable300/500V
602271EC08(RV-90)Internal wiring conductor temperature 90oC flexible conductor non-sheath cable300/500V
602271EC52(RVV)Light-type PVC sheath flexible cable300/300V
6002271EC53(RVV)Normal PVC sheath flexible wire300/500V
602271EC56(RVV-90)Conductor temperature 90oC of heat-resistance light-type PVC sheath flexible wire300/300V
RVVPPVC insulation shield PVC sheath flexible cable300/300V
RVSPVC insulation stranded connection flexible wire300/300V
Note:1.Flame   retaradant fire resistant wire is available:the representation method   of flame retardant grade is the “Z”followed by “B”,“C”,“D”,such as the   “ZB”“ZC”“ZD”.When“ZR”expressed,generally considered to be “C”class of   flame retardant,“ZC”.Flame retaradant fire resistant level   representation is “ZN”middle“B”,“C”,“D”,such as   “ZBN”,“ZCN”,“ZDN”.When“NH”expressed, it generally considered to be   “ZCN”. For example.
TypeDescriptionRated Voltage
ZC-BVCopper core PVC insulation flame retardant C type wireEqual to ZR-BV
ZCN-BVCopper core PVC insulation flame retardant C type fire resistant wireEqual to NH-BV