2018-06-17 10:50:38

low smoke halogen free XLPE insulated flame retardant power cable

The low smoke halogen free flame retardant plastic insulated power cable fits for different places where flame-retardant performance, environmental protection property and little secondary damage are highly required, such as subway, ship, power station, internet bar, high-rise building, stored program control exchange room, and other crowded places.

This product adopts some excellent components to ensure its outstanding performance. For the insulation part, the base material is polyolefin, and it is mixed with halogen free fire retardant. Then, the mixture is evenly blended with crosslinking catalyst, and processed by the single screw extruder. Finally, it is crosslinked in warm water or under natural condition to create the insulation.

On the other hand, highly flame-retardant glass filament is used as filler, and it is also resistant to heat. The sheath is produced using smoke suppressant, efficient lubricant as well as special halogen free flame retardant through precise mixing and processing.

Thus, it features excellent flame-retardant property, and meets the requirement of light transmittance. When it catches fire, no halogen acid gas is emitted, and toxic gas, corrosive gas and smoke density are also very low.

 low smoke halogen free XLPE insulated flame retardant power cable

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