2017-07-14 09:11:35

The history of Hengfei electrical Group

In 1963,it began to produce wateproof cable;

In1973,it began to produce high-temperature resistant high flexible cable;

In1980,it made contrbution for launching the Pacific rocket, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and Centr al Military Commission issued and order of commendation;

In 1981,it made contribution for launching China synchronous satellite, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and Centr al Military Commission issued and order of commendation;

In1984,DCYH railway locomotive cable was awarded excellent new products in Hunan province;

In1988,products exported to European;

In1988, YH series products was recommended"ministry excellent product"for the first time by Chinese Mechanical Industrial Minisry;

In1990,Aerospace Industry Ministry issued an order of commendation"contrbute to Long March bundled rocket launch";

In1990,it awarded to advanced enterprise of Hunan province by Hunan Provincial People's Government, and also named as"product quality trustworthy enterprise"by "China Business Journal";

In1992, Aerospace Industry Ministry sent a letter of thanks to the contribute to "Long March ll "bundled rocket launching"Austraian telecommunications satellite"succeed;

In1993,it awarded to "China 500 largest electric mechanics & equipmet manufactrting enterpriss "by National Statiatics Bureau, and ranked the 187 places;

In1997,it was one of the first enterprises received ISO9002 quality system authentication in cable industry;

In1999,XLPE insulation power cable and aerial insulation cable were won national urban and rural power grid construction and transformation of enterprises recommended products catalog issued by State Economic ad Trade Commission;

In2001,electrical connection cable received Germany VDE certification, becoming one of the few domestic production and export electrical connections cable manfacturers;

In2001,Hengyang Wire and Cale Factory renamed to Hengyang Hengfei Cable Co.,Ltd;

In2002,PVC insulation cable(wire),PVC insulation and PVC sheath cable(wire),rubber cable,electric welding machine cable, wire and cable for railway vehicles were acquired national compulsory certificate (3C certificate)issued by China Quality Certification Center;

In2003,it made contribution for the first tiome sending astronauts into space for the Chinese"Shenjian";

In2005,the products received RHOS of Europe environmental protection directives;

In2005,"Hengfei"was recommended as famous brand of Hunan province;

In2005,rail passenger train wire and cable received CRCC railway product certification;

In2006,it received the national military standard quality system authentication and the military security certificate;

In2006,it made outstanding contributions for the Shenzhou VI manned rocket, and won the award issued by the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology(CALT);

In2006,Hengfei brand BV,YZ,YZW,YC,YCW,DCEYHR,YH series rubber flexible cable and PVC insulation cable  were awarded as Hunan famous brand;

In2006,it was honored with"star of China quality credit"by China Quality Long March;

In2007,it received safety certificate of approval for mining products;

In2007, it acquired weapons and equipment research and production certificate;

In2008, it won the title of honor "for ShenZhou Vll manned space flight coordination unit",aerospace engineering astronaut system commander chief designer, Chen Shanguang(major general) board-awarding personall;

In2009,it received ISO14000:2004 environment management system certificate;

In2009,research and development center was awarded the Hunan Provincial Technology Research and Development Center;

In2009, it rated as high-tech and new-tech enterprise in Hunan province;

In2010, it received flame retardant products in public places and component identification using certificates;

In2010, it received combustibility rank identifies authorized using certificates;

In2011,rubber mixiong class of rubber cable branch plant was recommended as "worker pioneer"by All China Federation of Trade Unions;

In2011, it made outstanding contributions for the target aircraft of "Tiangong I"and "Shenzhou Vlll" spacecraft space rendezvous and docking, and won the award issued by the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology(CALT);

In2011,Hengfei Cable brand is recognised as "China well-known trademark"by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce;

In2012,rail transit locomotive cable was awarded"Hunan provincial science and technology progress Award";

In2012,marine cable was authorized China marine society certification;

In2012,the Ministry of science and technology awarded the company "National torch plan key high-tech enterprise";

In2012,was awarded"Hunan provincial key laboratoty of national defense science and technology";