2017-07-14 09:09:28

The Definition of Mining Cable

Mining cable is the short name for coal mines of cable. Mining cable are flame retardant cable and through the national mining products safety sign centre AnBiao mining products safety sign the certificate. Mining cable mainly divided into U and M type of coal mine with rubber sets of cables. Mining rubber is suitable for rated power-frequency voltage up to and including 8.7/10 kv mine power devices with mobile laying cable.
The selection of cable type has a lot to do with the power supply reliability, security, and whether the economic and reasonable. Cable location’s actual level difference should be adapted to specified cable’s allowed level difference. Cable should be take conductor which has enough for protective earthing section. It is forbidden to use aluminum cable. What’s more, it must choose qualified after inspection and coal mine product safety sign of the flame retardant cable. Cable line core section should meet the requirements of power supply line load. Normal operation of the cable, the actual temperature rise shall not exceed the allowed maximum temperature rise insulation. According to the cable line allows the voltage loss at work. The choice of cable should meet the requirements of mechanical strength. With the highly development of the coal mine, the mine cable production has formed a certain scale, under the call of the demand of market, our company produce the mine cable to ensure high quality.