2017-07-14 09:10:52

Solar photovoltaic cable

Solar photovoltaic cable usually exposures to the sun and the solarsystemis oftenused under harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperature and ultraviolet radiation environment. In Europe, a sunny day will lead to the temperature of the solar system is as high as 100℃. At present, we can use various materials which include PVC, rubber, TPE and high quality cross linked material. But now golden sun project has started and many contractors don’t choose professinal solar system cable in order to saving the cost. And they usually choose ordinary PVC cable to replace the photovoltaic cable. This will greatlyaffectthe service life of the system obviously.

Characteristics of photovoltaic cable is determined by insulation and sheath material for cable. We also called crosslinking of PE. After the irradiation, the molecularstructure ofcable materialwill be changed and providethe its performance. You should consider the insulation, diameter specifications, aging properties, flame retardant properties of heat       for cable because that different environmen and technical requirements have different requirements for different parts. Firstly, the cable connection between components of solar cells and components usually use connect cable directly. You also could use special long cable when the length is not enough. This kind of connection cable with double insulated sheath is prevent the erosion of ultraviolet, water, ozone, acid and salt. And also has excellent all weather capability and abrasion resistant ability. Secondly, the connection cable between the battery and the inverter should use multi strand flexible cord and pass the UL test. Choose the cable which is short and thick can reduce the loss of the system, also improve the efficiency and enhance the reliability. Finally,the connection cable between cell matrix and the controller or the DC terminal box also shoul use multi strand flexible cord and pass the UL test. Specifications ofcross-sectional areai set according to the the maximum outpu current by the square.