2017-07-14 09:08:09

Rubber Cables Used In Different Industries

Rubber cable is a soft and mobile cable which equipped with rubber insulation and rubber sheath outsourcing. Rubble cables are mostly regarded multiple strands of fine copper wire as conductor. Generally speaking, rubber cables include universal rubber sheathed flexible cables, welding machine cable, submersible motor cable, photography light cable and other varieties.

Rubber cables are widely used for different kinds of electrical equipment. They can also used in room and outdoor, such as rubber cables in household electric appliance, electric machinery, electrical apparatus, equipment with mobile power line.

The cables product used for photo have small structure and good performance in order to fit the development of new light source. At the same time, the cables can meet room and outdoor requirement. They replace old products with  heavy and poor heat resistance gradually.

According to the external mechanical force that bearing by cables, rubber cables can be divided into three types from the product structure. They are light type, middle type and heavy type. In general, light type of rubber cables are used for household electrical appliance and small electric equipment. The light one usually need to be soft, lightweight and good bending properties. The middle one is also widely used in agricultural electrification. However the heavy one can be used for the occasions, such as port machinery, searchlights and large hydraulic pumping station. This kind of product has good versatility, the series specifications is complete, the performance always good and stable.