2018-07-25 11:05:01

Rubber Cable/Silicon Cable/Rubber Insulated Flat Cable

   HENGFEI Cable give an outsized vary of rubber cables that unit of measurement ready-made with high quality of rubber, copper, metal and different staple to substantiate optimum efficiency. These cables unit of measurement obtaining employed in various industries and area unit appreciated for his or her high strength and strength.

   HENGFEI Cable manufacturing an outsized vary of Trailing & Composite Rubber Cable that has been ready-made with high quality staple. we have a tendency to tend to use quality stuff materials like plastic, Chloro-Sulphoneted polymer (CSP), Nitirile Rubber/ PVC blends, olefine plastic Rubber (EPR), alkene Vinyle Acetate (EVA) and chemical compound, that area unit specially designed to satisfy numerous heat oil and resisting requirements. These electrometric compounds for insulating and setting of cables unit of measurement developed to satisfy the requirement of IS 6380 6899, IEC 60502 and different international specification.

   HENGFEI Cable give a ramification of part cable that has wondrous electrical properties and high thermal resistance. It permits conductor hotness rating of 150C for continuous operation and 250C below emergency overload or contact. It preserves circuit continuity even in fire as India rubber burns into Associate in Nursing insulating ash. It’s resistant to wet, gas radiation and chemicals and being elastomeric in nature, it’s pliant that's maintained over wide array of temperature (- 55c to 250c)


* Aircrafts and Missiles

* landing field lighting or alternative high power lighting units

* Boiler

* Bakeries

* Blast Furnaces

* Blast Furnaces generator

* Coke Ovens

* Construction instrumentality

* Driers

* EOT Crane

* Electrical Furnaces

* Extraction Plant

* Electrical machinery of sophistication B, F and H

* Extreme temperature science plants

* Material Handling instrumentality

* Machine tools

* Atomic power Thermal Stations

* Printing Presses

* Steel Mills

* Ships

* Textile Machinery

* Turbines