2017-07-14 09:17:22

Nanjing Hangzhou high speed rail to create the most high speed in 400 kilometers per hour test

In the morning of May 4,Nanjing-Hangzhou high-speed rail into the second stage of the FBI test the test trai down line to create a test of 400 kilometers.per hour maximun speed during the test axle lateral force, the rate of load shedding, derailment coefficientthe important indicators have reached 350 kilometers per hour design speed standards. After Nanjing-Hanzhou high-speed rail joint test has been carried out. Nanjing-Hangzhou Railway Co.,Ltd. organize participations to seriously study, combing satic acceptance of the corrective measures of the remaining issues,conscientiously carry out the tummel, the roadbed construction quality special investigation and remediation activties,an resolutely do full investigations,defect full remediation,full-quality standards,especially for the quality of the tunnel correct missing,held a number of experts,the topic will be studied and developed a reliable construction program.

The company's leaders,professional engineers and construction units's main leaders organized as Field Steering Group stationed in the construction site,seizing the favorable opportunity of the test train stopped wheel remediation ,carrying out a joint inspection on a daily basis,holding regular meetings every two days.