2018-05-26 21:25:52

Manufacture Newest Locomotive and Rolling Stock Cable

Locomotive and Rolling Stock Cable Application:
This product uses low smoke zero halogen flame retardant cross linked polyolefin insulation,

Electric power cable Product is mainly suitable for ac rated voltage up to and including 3 kv railway locomotive vehicle power transmission, excellent cold resistant, oil resistant, resistant to ultraviolet (uv) high and low smoke zero halogen and flame retardant properties.


Locomotive and Rolling Stock Cable Operating characteristics:
1. Rated voltage: 500v, 750v, 1kv, 1.5kv and 3kv. Dc1.5 times rated voltage for ac rated voltage
2. Cable long-term allowed working temperature to: WDZ - DCYJ - 125, WDZ products - DCYJ/B - 125 to 125 °C; WDZ products - DCYJ/B - 150 to 150 °C
3. Cable minimum using the environment temperature, WDZ - DCYJ - product shall be not less than 125-40 °C; WDZ DCYJ/B - 125, WDZ DCYJ/B - 150 product shall be not less than 60 °C
4. WDZ - DCYJ - 125 type cable can be used in the oil pollution of the environment; WDZ DCYJ/B - 125, WDZ DCYJ/B - 150 type cable allows have different kinds of oil pollution and the high concentration of acid and alkali pollution in bad environment
5. Permissive bending radius of cable lying:
Cable diameter (D) is 20 mm and below should be not less than 3D
Cable diameter (D) for more than 20 mm should not be less than 5D
6. The length of the cable delivery:
The end product should have been delivered in coil or knitting, winding, properly packed. Error of length should be not more than plus or minus 0.5%