2017-07-14 09:10:28

Locomotive and Rolling Stock Cable

Locomotive and Rolling Stock Cable is our main product of our company. This cable is suitable for all kinds of vehicles and urban rail of metro vehicle power transmission, signal control, and other various electrical devices with flame retardant requirement. Execution standard: GB12528.11-2003, TB/T1484.1-2001. Our environmentally friendly locomotive cable adopts special rubber material for insulation and sheath, do not contain halogen, with the characters of flame retardant, resistance to oil, can bear 125 ℃ high temperature, and less smoke when burning. At the same time, for the adoption of soft cable insulating sheath material, the softness of the cable is much better than the same kind of cross linking polyethylene cable hydrocarbon materials. Our product not only meets the requirements of environmental protection, but also is convenient to install for the user.
With flexible stranded tinned copper conductor and LSZH insulation and sheath, these cables feature Resistance to heat, oil, acid& alkali, cold, abrasion &ozone, excellent mechanical and physical properties, easy to installation, safety and reliability. The Locomotive and Rolling Stock Cable for underground, mass transit lines and tramlines as well as diesel and regional trains. They are effective in limiting flame propagation and smoke generation under fire conditions, thus eliminating or reducing hazard to people. The increasing need to reduce both volume and weight has lead to the development of miniaturized cables, as well as high temperature cables with enhanced performance. This leads to highly stressed materials being used in the harsh environment of rolling stock.