2017-07-14 09:07:43

How To Choose Mining Cable

Mining cable is used in mine power supply system. Generally speaking, power supply circuit with high voltage use armored cable. Its failure rate is less than power supply with low voltage. Mining power supply is the weak link in power supply system and also in poor working environment. So we should be more careful while choosing the mining cable. It is related to power supply safety.

Mining cable model has great relationship with reliability and safety of power supply. Mining cables need conductor with enough section which is used for protecting earth. Don’t pack cable with aluminum. You must choose flame retardant cable which is qualified and own safety signs. Section of main core cable should meet the requirement of power supply line load.

There are a series requirements to high voltage cable which is fixed laying. We can use aluminum core cable in the inlet shaft and shaft station. Certainly other locations must use copper core cable. High and low voltage cable which has no fixed laying must adopt proper soft rubber cable. Mobile and hand-held electrical equipment should use professional rubber cable. Cables that apply to lighting, communication, signaling and controlling should adopt rubber cable, sheathed communication cables or plastic power cable with plant type. Low voltage cables could not adopt aluminum conductor.