2017-07-14 09:07:08

Features Of Oil Platform Cable

Oil platform cable at sea is belong to the technical field of cables. Main features of oil platform cable is that there are filling material and oxygen barrier layer with double wrapped outside of the cable core. It can ensure this cable own many good performances. Such as high temperature resistance, good insulation properties, high breakdown voltage, heat index, tensile mechanical damage, anti electromagnetic interference performance. During the fire, oil platform cable has no smoke and its transmittance can reach up to 85 percent. It is in favor of the personnel evacuation.
Besides oil platform cable is always in low cost and easy to be made. At the same time, this cables usually own smooth and round appearance. Good oil platform cable has been tested under the flame with high temperature. The test indicated that it can meet the use of safety for fire protection of offshore oil platform. So good oil platform cable has a very good application value and wide market prospect.