2017-07-14 09:09:55

Different Enameled Wire From Us

Enameled wire is one of the indispensable kinds of material in the industrial area, which is often used in magnets,speakers, and electric motors. Instead of a plastic or rubber coating, this wire is simply painted with a protective coating that often doubles as a flux coating. The classification of enameled wire is based on heat or temperature,and the expected lifetime of the wire at a given temperature. They have good thermal capacity and are available in various specifications.

First of all, enameled copper clad aluminium wire, is widely applied in electric welders, cutting machines, electrical machines, dry-type transformers,solenoids and other electrical equipment. It has good heat resistance, cold resistance, scratch resistance, radiation resistance, chemical resistance and freeze resistance. Of course, good insulation and welding performance are alsoits main performance. Then, Polyester enamelled wire for all kinds transformers,this wire are exported to foreign manufacturers of electric welder and transformers. Its main performances are resistance to radiation, soften the breakdown performance, high mechanical strength, good chemical resistance,electrical properties and high temperature resistant, low temperature resistance, excellent cold resistance. It is mainly used in nuclear power,rockets, missiles and other special occasions, or high temperature, cold,radiation resistance and other harsh environment used telecommunications instrument and the winding of the radio electronic equipment.