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Braided Shielded Cable - China supplier of pvc wire and cable

Braided Shielded Cable Application:
1. Level of digital communication cable, used in the building integrated wiring system workspace communication between terminal and handover of the wiring between distribution frame, integrated cabling system and residential users communication terminal to the wiring between the distribution frame.

2. Satisfied with 155 MHZ data communications, the use of shielding protection, make the cable in the process of transmission error is not affected by external interference.

3. Is suitable for hospitals, telecommunications, airports such as electromagnetic interference environment.The standard wiring length 90 meters.

4. Adopt T568A or T568B wired way termination, end USES belt shielding parts and grounded, to ensure that the channel transmission link under the shield. According to the ANSI/TIA/EIA - 568 - B color coding standard color.

5. Low 1000 base-t Ethernet (1000 MBPS).

6. Low 155 mbpsatm, 100 MBPSTP - PMD, 100 MBPS Ethernet (100 base-t) and other transfer rate of 622 MBPS low 10 MBPS Ethernet system application.

Braided Shielded Cable Sectional view & structure

standard braid shielded 2-cores flexible cable


In acc. With VDE0295 Class 6(Highly resistant to bending fine stranded bare copper)


Insulation layer

Comply with the CANBUS standard


Cores twisted

Comply with the CANBUS standard


Inner jacket

Special elastomer mixture



Total tinned copper braid shield, optical coverage 90%


Outer sheath

Low viscosity wear resistant PUR mixture

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