Solar Photovoltaic Cable (TUV)

Below1.8kV,Low-Smoke Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Cross-Linked Polyolefin Insulation and Sheathed flexible Cable for Photovoltaic Modules /Cable for photovoltaic power generation.

This Solar Photovoltaic Cable is suitable for class II under security level,the maximum allowed rated voltage 1.8kV (core to core,non-grounded system)direct voltage,used in PV system DC side, can also be applied to PV system power frequency rated voltage 0.6/1kV AC voltage.In PV system, the solar energy is directly change into electricity, Cable resistant to UV, temperature ,and can be used as a separate connection to the solar batteries ,because cable has good climate resistance,cable can also be used outdoors, but not laying directly buried underground and underwater.
These cables are especially designed for use in photovoltaic applications. They provide the optimal cable connection between the solar cells and from the solar cells to the inverter or DC main cable.