PVC/XLPE Insulated power cable

Copper-Core ( Aluminum Core) PVC/XLPE Insulation and PVC/XLPE / PE Sheath ( Flame Retardant C type Fire Resistant ) Power Cable.

The XLPE insulation power cable has excellent hot-mechanical properties, excellent electrical, chemical resistance properties, also has the advantage of simple structure,light weight, not restricted by the difference of level along the route. Now widely used in urban power grid, mines and chemical plants and other places. Cable insulation adopt XLPE, use chemical method to linear molecules PE into solid network structure of XLPE, thus substantially improving the mechanical properties of PE, and maintaining the superior electrical performance.

These cables are provided with mechanical protection, can be used in power networks, underground, outdoor and indoor applications and for use in cable ducting.

At present nonferrous metal spurt in prices ,copper conductor cost accountant for the cable more than 70% of the total cost of raw materials.In order to guarantee both meet the specification of copper conductor cable,and can significantly reduce the cost of cable.according to market demand .our company has used existing plant equipment. testing equipment,developed the copper clad aluminum composite conductor power cable.