Oil Platform Cable

Below 6/10kV,EPR/XLPE Insulation CSP/Polyolefin Sheath Steel wire Braided Armoured/Copper Wire Braided Armoured Low-Halogen Low-Smoke Flame Retardant/Resistant Power Cable for Oil Platform.

The Oil Platform Cable is applied to offshore oil platforms and other buildings on water for rated power frequency voltage 0.6kV, 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV loop distribution system. In the offshore oil platform cable, the plurality of electric wires are encircled around the outer side of the shielding layer of cable, and the grounding wires are arranged close to the outer sides of the tinned conductors, the shielding layer can not get broken by an external pulling force to cause shielding failure, meanwhile, short circuit caused by contact between the tinned conductors of the cable is avoided.