Control Cable (IEC,BS,CNS)

450/750V,PVC/XLPE Insulation PVC sheath Stee Tape Armoured/Steel Wire Armoured/Copper Tape shield/ Flame Retardant Control Cable,PVC Insulation PVC sheath Braided Shield Contrlo Flexible Cable.

These control cables are easier to make and less expensive than those stranded in bundles. These cables are also known by industry names such as harmonized cables, PVC cables, hi-temp cables, hi-volt cables, festoon cables, neoprene cables, crane cables, torsion cables or lift cables. They are designed by laying multiple layers of stranding on top of each other. Because of this construction, the outer layers are pulled and the inner layers are compacted when the cable bends. Eventually, this causes distortion and warping within the flexible cable.
Different control cables are designed to meet the needs of different applications.
Applications include pumps, handling equipment, mobile power supplies, work sites, stage and audio visual equipment, aquatic environment, port areas and damns. Drainage and water treatment, cold environments and severe industrial environments.