Hengfei Cable Co.,Ltd is one of the leading cable & wire manufacturers in China.
Change the future, challenge to be No.1,from China's first to global top.

Competitive Cost

Cost is an important factor that a customer has to consider when selection a supplier. Hengfei Cable Co.,Ltd is capable to offer you the most competitive quotation for its own advantages in many aspects

Reliable Quality

Quality is the key of business.High quality products help maintain customer satisfaction and retain customers.Besides, it can reduce the risk and restocking cost resulted from unqualified products.

Excellent Service

Services are very important to every industry,especially the power industry,we need to keep electricity safe.we are meticulous to every link from parameter confirmation,sample confirmation,bulk production and packaging and transportation.


EN50264 Standard Wall Fire Resistance Rolling Stock Cable
Electric Vehicles Charging Cable
Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSOH) XLPE Insulated, PE Sheathed Fire Resistant Control Cable
Csp sheathed silicon rubber cable


Hengfei Cable Co.,Ltd

Hengfei Cable Co., Ltd. is a large comprehensive manufacturer of wire and cable in China, it is National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprises and Advanced Enterprise in Hunan Province. The company have two production plants in Changsha and Hengyang now, and get ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, GJB9001B and IRIS certification.
The company specializing in the production of aerial wire, power cable, ABC cable……

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"Bayer" "SGS" "CURRENTA" Certification of Rolling Stock Cable